Origin and Use of Suitcase

Origin and Use of Suitcase

Origin and Use of Suitcase

The word suitcase is a very familiar and crying need things nowadays. Suitcase means ‘inconvenient heavy’ luggage. During the Industrial Literary Revolution in Europe in the 17th/18th century, people started traveling from one place to another. Suitcases started to be essential needed. In the early days, migrants used to carry knapsacks, bindings and other messy bags.

They usually carried them on their shoulders or on horses. Its use began extensively in the late 19th century. Because from then on the immigration process started. The first public tours began in Europe’s major railway stations. As a result, the need for suitcases greatly increased.Origin and Use of Suitcase in the next time very quickly caused a stir among the people. Starting as a leather product, these suitcases later became a symbol of comfortable travel. As a result, the demand for them increased manifold. Lighter than the trunk, these products are easy to carry. First of all, Bernard D. Sado invented the suitcase, who was the former vice president of the Massachusetts Luggage Company.

Spread of Suitcase

While traveling with his family in 1970, he noticed that many passengers lacked comfortable luggage. So he plans to make a portable suitcase after joining the work and add four casters to a standard suitcase that travelers can easily pull. He designed the first wheeled suitcase in 1972 under U.S. Patent 3,653,474. With the invention of the suitcase with handles, passengers no longer had to carry heavy suitcases. Earlier, Erle P. Halliburton started using aluminum cases for his personal work in 1938.

Subsequently, the suitcase made of aluminum suitcase targeting the passengers of Junkers Zoo 52 began to spread which caused a great stir in the market. In the past, women did not travel alone, they were accompanied by their husbands, and carried luggage.Origin and Use of Suitcase Bernard Sado makes portable and comfortable suitcases and promotes them through an ad called ‘The Luggage That Glides’. As a result, his promotion spread rapidly in the market. The Bengali word for ‘suitcase’ or ‘luggage’ literally means ‘inconvenient heavy’ bag or luggage.

Its two parts come from the verb lug and the suffix ‍age. The suitcases were made of cane, leather, or rubber cloth attached to a solid wood or steel frame, which was lighter and more comfortable to carry than the trunk. But over time, those light suitcases have become smaller or larger (light or heavy) as needed. One thing to note here is that not all suitcases are luggage, but not all luggage is a suitcase. Because suitcases can be of any size on the other side of the rectangle. A bag with a person is basically called luggage. But suitcases can be either wheel less or wheeled. It is used according to the field.

If you want to travel somewhere, the first thing you need to keep in mind is any luggage or suitcase that you can carry. Because cluttered things can completely ruin the joy of your trip.
If you want to keep your belongings safe, you must choose a good quality suitcase. Then of course you have to choose a good quality suitcase. It is important to choose a good quality suitcase if you want to see your valuables as property, and to store them well. In this case you have to have the idea of ​​either hard side or soft side.

Luggage used for hard side suitcases can be called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a light weight material. The material is flexible but has the ability to withstand any type of stress. It is almost impossible to break. This kind of suitcase can carry all the fine things. Such as glasses, CDs etc. It can be called bullet proof. Because polycarbonate is the highest pressure resistant material that guarantees to keep your suitcase safe in any situation. German luggage manufacturer Remove started making the first polycarbonate suitcase in 2000.

The material has many grades. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), and polypropylene are both less expensive and lighter than polycarbonate. Suitcases made from this material are also much safer. Spinner-style suitcases were introduced in 2004. As a result, this suitcase guarantees the safe carrying of your valuables.

On the other hand, suitcases made of soft fabrics can also make your trip comfortable. It can carry small things together. An additional advantage is that it uses compressible and expandable material. As a result, you can easily carry small but essential items in expandable cases. This type of suitcase can carry a little extra stuff than needed because the fabric is expandable. This is not possible in a tight suitcase. However, soft fabric suitcases have some disadvantages. As they get dirty easily, slight injuries affect the inside and so on. But another advantage is that it can be easily set in the airport shaper.

The Rolaboard is another model of invented suitcase. It was first invented in 1987 by Robert Plath, a pilot of Northwest Airlines 747 and Tinker of the Avid Home Workshop. These suitcases are made by attaching a long handle to the two wheels without adding four wheels like the sado so that they stand upright.

Plath began selling his invented products to aircraft crews and later left the airline to pursue the business. “TravelPro has really made the two-wheeled telescoping handle popular since Plath started carrying flight attendants,” said Richard Krulik, chief executive of US Luggage. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of its ease of carrying. This rollboard has become a companion for business trips especially for women.

A smart suitcase can usually be handled via a Smartphone app. A GPS S, a smart lock, and a robot can be operated on the floor system. Since lithium batteries are used in this, the authorities of all the airlines started removing the batteries considering the safety.